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When I Find You

I know, I know, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted on here. I could make all the excuses about how I’ve been busy with school and life and such things, but it would probably end up being far too introspective and, let’s face it, boring, so I’ll spare you and just say: time for new content!

This past week I found out that two of the pieces I submitted to the school literary/art magazine actually got in (Death’s Rose and the following poem), and the poem actually won me an award that I will be accepting this Wednesday. So that was cool. Anyway, thought I’d share the poem, and hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll be able to post a short story I’ve been trying to work on between the million papers and projects that cluster together at the end of the semester. So without further ado:

When I find you, it won’t be

Forced, but

Natural, flowing, smooth, like

A song from the practice room of lips and throat,

Now flying, long rehearsed,

At last set free, this single


No more concerned with

Intonation, but only, now,

With being.

When I find you, it won’t be

Artificial, but

Fundamental, whole, like

The dark and living earth

Beneath our feet,

Full of promise,

Life squirming between our toes,

Green and color startling forth

Like sparrows through the